It was in 1971 that Walt Disney World opened its doors but long before then Orlando Florida was a popular place to vacation and there have always been restaurants downtown Disney FL. After all this has been snowbird country for many years as northerners flock to the region during the winter months.

During the summer, the beach has always been a number one reason for vacationing in the area. So whether you are there to visit Disney World, as a vacationing snowbird, or as a beach bum you need to eat and this ongoing flow of visitors has resulted in a terrific selection of restaurants downtown Disney FL.

Enjoy breakfast at one of the many restaurants downtown Disney FL at one of the many family establishments that offer buffets designed to feed high volumes of visitors.

Golden Corral restaurants are also very popular for a family eating spot. It's not surprising since Orlando is one of the busiest vacation spots in the country. They are one of many popular chains in the region.

When it comes to dining what you need to decide is what type of meal are you looking for. Is it a burgers and fries kind of meal or a steak and lobster type of meal? Both are readily available. In fact, whether you are looking for Sushi, Indian, Chinese, or any other delicious menu you'll find one among the restaurants downtown Disney FL.

Orlando has a wonderful choice of top rated Italian restaurants located throughout the area. Portobello Yacht Club is located downtown Disney and has a reputation for serving up some of the best Italian food around. If you are in the area, check it out!

Orlando has hundreds of casual restaurants like the Green Eggs and Ham Café at Universal Orlando Resorts. Or how about the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament that feeds a thousand guests at once? As a guest, you get to watch a fascinating knights battle.

If you are looking for something, a little higher end not to worry as there is ample choices here too. Take Victoria & Albert's at the Grand Floridian Resort with a delicious menu for every taste.

Can there be too many restaurants in the area? Well most would agree never, that is at least from the consumer side. After all what's better than endless choice. Of course, it may make it more difficult for us to decide where we are going to eat. But then again isn't that half the fun of going out for a meal, especially on vacation?

There's a place for every type of restaurant. Perhaps you are in the mood for a cup of java and some scrumptious desert at a corner café, or maybe soup and a sandwich at a bistro, or perhaps you've been dying for a steak and baked potato.

With so many visitors roaming the streets the restaurants downtown Disney FL can't help but find a steady stream of customers exploring what they have to offer on their menus.

From the customers point of view the biggest problem is choosing from the restaurants downtown Disney FL. Too many choices, so little time, what will you choose today.

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