Planning your vacation to Disney World should be fun and stress free. It all starts with a budget and a plan and it blossoms from there. Once you know what you want from your accommodations you can easily find hotels near Disney FL that you will enjoy.

What do you envision? Are you interested in budget bare bones accommodations, eating greasy burgers from the nearest burger joining or do you picture yourself in something a little classier although still budget rated? You need to know what hotels are near Disney Fl to be able to make a good choice.

Disney World is probably one of the only places where you can actually have champagne taste with beer money. There's no need to worry about not being able afford the luxury you like especially if you choose hotels near Disney FL rather than actual resorts owned by Disney World.

Have you always wanted to spend some time on an African Safari but never had the budget? Why not make your Safari adventure a visit to Disney World and stay at Disney Animal Resort where you will find a full 33 acres of exotic wildlife from Africa. Hundreds of different species roam the land. There's also an amazing 11,000 square foot pool where you can cool off while viewing the spectacular savanna.

Maybe you are visiting Disney World for a romantic getaway. You can choose hotels near Disney FL or you can choose a place like Disney Polynesian Resort. Enjoy the longhouses that are found throughout the property, take a long gentle walk under the light of the tiki torches. There are wonderful sandy beaches to enjoy against the sound of the soft lapping waves.

When you stay on one of Disney's resorts, you get the advantage of transportation to the theme parks being included. If you stay at any of the hotels near Disney FL you won't have transportation included but the savings in your room rates will likely more than cover your costs for grabbing transit or a taxi.

The best way to find hotels near Disney FL and find out what they offer for services is online. A quick search will provide you with all kinds of information and it will help you make a more intelligent decision about what it is you want. You'll be able to decide what's best for you and your family.

You can also find out about restaurants in the area, shuttles, transit rates, and even walking distances. Some of the hotels near Disney FL also offer complimentary shuttle services.

Vacations are all about budgets and knowing your budget, before you start shopping for accommodations is a smart idea. You might want to consider packages that are on the market. These packages usually include accommodations and airfares and sometimes they include some or all the meals. You just need to shop around.

Hotels near Disney FL are certainly an option for your stay at Disney World. Wherever you stay, you are going to enjoy your stay and experience the magic so many talk about.

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