There is no getting around the magic and the many faces of Disney Park Resort FL. It really is a place of endless journeys and for as much time as you have you will find new and wondrous things to explore.

Disney Park Resort FL is the place where childhood memories that will remain precious forever. Disney characters bring excitement and happiness to children and those memories still bring fond smiles years later as adults.

Disney Park Resort FL earned the reputation for being the paradise for children of all ages. In fact the faces of Disney visitors starts as toddlers and goes through to seniors that are young at heart and ready to explore Disney World magic for themselves. The key to Disney World is to relax and enjoy the treasures found in every theme park. Don't rush - take in what you have time for and enjoy it thoroughly.

Disney Park Resort FL didn't get its reputation for nothing - they earned it. All you need to do is let the fantasy begin. There is so much to experience and see - there is just never enough time in one trip to do it all or see it all so don't be surprised if you decide early that you must return.

Magic Kingdom Park is where all of the Disney characters are brought to life. Here you will find Fantasyland, which is enchanted place where you will find teacups spinning and elephants flying. It's where the classic Disney characters suddenly come to life. When you visit Adventureland, be careful of the pirates you might encounter and do be sure to take in the jungle cruise.

Liberty Square is the place where you take a walk back to the earliest days when the United States of America was just being formed. Mickey's Toontown Fair, Tommorowland, Main Street, and Frontierland, are other fantastic attractions that you just have to see.

Epcot is not only a fascinating mix of cultures it also is a fantastic trip into the past and the future. You can experience huge thrills with a liftoff into space and you can even test your driving skills. Let the kids explore the underwater world and just get ready for an amazing experience.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park is where you will go to relive the past and spend some time with the pre-historic animal world. Then it's off on an animal safari. Don't forget to visit DinoLand USA, Discovery Island, Camp Minnie-Mickey, and The Oasis.

Disney-MGM Studios is where you want to go to see what happens behind the movie screens. Check out Mickey Avenue, which is the working studio lot, or Sunset Boulevard the classic Los Angeles thoroughfare. And don't forget Hollywood Boulevard

These are just a few of the many faces you will find at Disney Park Resort FL.

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